Giving parents more transparency

Parents want greater transparency into their child’s early education. Daycare is no longer just about a safe space for children […]

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What Are the Benefits of a Parent-teacher Communication App?

Modern childcare organizations need a parent-teacher communication app. These apps aid in parent-teacher communication in a variety of ways including […]

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Safe Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Halloween activities can be tons of fun with preschoolers. Their eyes fill with wonder as they gaze upon pumpkins, cornfields […]

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Focus on Building Parent Relationships Instead of Paperwork Using a Childcare CRM

First impressions make a big difference. So when you meet with prospective parents or parents who are ready to enroll […]

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How to Provide Parents and Children the Best Childcare Experience

In a service business like childcare, the experience is what makes or breaks it for your customers. Taking time to […]

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Childcare Parent Portal Builds Customer Loyalty, Saves Time

Offering the parents of the students who attend your childcare center an online childcare parent portal has two big benefits. […]

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5 Professional Qualities that Stand Out in Preschool Centers

Childcare can be a challenging profession. There are 5 qualities that the really great childcare professionals tend to have. Here are those qualities so you can watch out for them as you work to build a winning team. Patience A great preschool teacher or administrator is patient because young children tend to ask repeat questions and need constant reminders of the same things over and over again. Children have energy galore and may need to be pulled back into the learning scene repeatedly

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