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Focus on Building Parent Relationships Instead of Paperwork Using a Childcare CRM

Online enrollment through a childcare CRM

First impressions make a big difference. So when you meet with prospective parents or parents who are ready to enroll at your center, you don’t want to be focused on paperwork.

Instead, your goal as a childcare owner is to build a relationship with these parents. The right childcare CRM can make it simple to send parents a link to complete the necessary enrollment paperwork at a time that’s convenient for them.

We’ll explain the benefits of online daycare enrollment and how it helps you ensure accurate student data and information while allowing you to focus on building relationships with parents.

Electronic Documents Go Directly into Childcare Software

Explaining paper documents to parents during important pre-enrollment meetings distracts you from getting to know them. But paper documents also leave room for inaccuracies. 

As your team types in the information from paper enrollment forms to your childcare app, typos or incomplete information can create poor records.

Set up your state’s required childcare documents within iCare Software and add in any additional information you need. Allow parents to upload documents, such as vaccination records to create a completely online enrollment experience.

You’ll know you’re compliant with your state guidelines and will allow parents to complete the forms when it’s convenient for them. They won’t have to worry about the tedious task of filling out paperwork in your office or setting aside the time to complete the paperwork in person.

No Empty Boxes in Daycare Enrollment Paperwork

Contacting parents about empty boxes on enrollment forms is inefficient and no one’s idea of fun. With online enrollment forms, you can make a box required so that parents can’t accidentally leave the box blank.

You won’t have to reach out to parents to update your forms and can just check your preschool software to make sure all essential information is available before the child’s first day. 

Accurate Vaccination Records Keep You Compliant

While many childcare management software systems feature online enrollment options, they are not as thorough as iCare. Some systems don’t allow for the proper documentation for vaccinations to keep you compliant with your state’s regulations.

And so you have to contact parents and tell them to bring these documents on their first day. It’s inconvenient for both you and them.

iCare’s online enrollment process is better at collecting this crucial information digitally to allow you to focus on welcoming new parents and students on their first day.

Easy, Convenient Experience for Parents

Online enrollment isn’t just about making your process simple for welcoming new students. It also benefits parents.

Once they express interest in enrollment, you can send them the online link to complete the necessary paperwork. They can set up payment options right there so that you’re all set for the child’s first day.

And they can complete the paperwork when it’s convenient for them, which might mean in the evening after business hours once their children are in bed. Because parents are at home when completing this paperwork, they have access to important documents and information to complete the enrollment process. 

You can automate reminders to parents for incomplete paperwork leading up to their child’s first day, so parents don’t forget. And from the daycare app, you can see what paperwork is still outstanding to complete a child’s enrollment.

Improve your parent experience and relationships while ensuring data accuracy with online enrollment through iCare child care center software. Schedule a demo to see our online enrollment process and learn more about our helpful tools.

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