Childcare Parent Portal Builds Customer Loyalty, Saves Time

A Parent Portal for building customer loyalty and reducing administrative burden

Offering the parents of the students who attend your childcare center an online childcare parent portal has two big benefits. A self-service childcare parent portal can both increase their customer satisfaction and save your center administrative time. And when customers and staff are happy, you are more likely to retain those customers and staff, which benefits your center.

Your childcare management software should offer the opportunity to add a portal link to your website. This makes it simple for parents to interact with your center and access the information that they need related to their child’s care.

5 Ways A Childcare Parent Portal Saves You Time and Increases Customer Satisfaction

1. Check student progress reports

Offering your customers a way to view their child’s progress helps you by not having to print and provide those reports. Plus, parents can then see their child’s reports since the beginning of their tenure with your childcare center all in one place. 

Parents will enjoy the freedom to review progress reports anytime and anywhere that is convenient for them from any device that has web browsing capabilities. 

2. Pay their bill or update billing information

Make a payment screen for parents in iCare Software

Online bill pay helps your childcare center avoid late payments and reduce the administrative burden of invoicing. Automate the process and allow parents to update their billing information through their childcare parent portal when needed.

Parents will enjoy not having to stop by the office or call in when their credit card is expiring. And your administrative team will be able to focus on growing the childcare center and engaging your students even more thanks to the time savings of online bill pay. iCare Software features direct deposit via ACH or credit card and provides alerts for expiring credit cards so you never miss a payment.

3. Access forms

Are you planning to take older children on a field trip this summer? Or maybe you need to update information for a child when they graduate from one classroom to the next. You can digitize the process of obtaining this information from parents by putting your forms within your childcare management software.

Parents will love not having to remember to drop the completed forms off at the office during the busy drop-off or pick-up schedule. Your childcare center will not have to constantly audit the paper forms to see which students are missing forms. It’s a seamless and easy way to manage form collection and completion.

4. Update emergency contact information

iCare Software parent portal menu options for updating your child's data

As part of your emergency planning, you should have a process for updating emergency contact information. You can choose how often to make updates, but it should be at least annually. Within your self-service portal, send parents a notification that it’s time to review their information for accuracy. 

By making this process go through your childcare management software, you ensure an easy way of checking the information and ensuring everyone updates it accordingly. Additionally, parents can update the information at a convenient time and submit it instantly. 

5. Engage with teachers 

iCare Software screen where parents can interact with childcare teachers

Using a self-service portal, parents can engage with teachers. Armed with information from the child’s reports, parents can discuss their child’s development and learn more about what they should be focused on. Parents can send messages via chat and teachers can provide photos and documentation of what a child is learning.

This two-way communication with parents is one of the largest benefits of a childcare management software and a self-service portal for parents. It helps them feel involved in their child’s daily activities even when they are not present and ensures the lines of communication always remain open between parents and teachers.

Want to see how iCare Software offers you these great benefits and more? Schedule a demo to see the outstanding features the software offers you.

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