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What is Childcare Software and Why Does it Matter?

What is Childcare Software and Why Does it Matter?

If you’ve been wondering, what is childcare software, we have answers for you.

What is Childcare Software

Childcare software can truly transform your childcare center in many ways. It is a digital tool that enables you to manage all aspects of your business from classroom management to interactions with parents.

So why does it matter? Using a childcare app impacts various aspects of your business. But it also opens communication channels between you and parents. It helps you track child development in a secure platform.

To help you understand the various areas that childcare management software touches in your business, let’s take a look at the areas of benefit to your business.

Billing and Finance

Child care billing software can make your billing processes so much simpler. You can program each client’s billing to be unique either based on attendance or a set part-time or full-time fee. Then, you can bill that client automatically via direct deposit.

You won’t spend all your precious time looking to see who has paid and who hasn’t. Plus, you won’t have to send invoices at regular intervals. Additionally, when all your billing is handled within one system, managing your finances is simpler as well. You can run reports to see how you’re doing and where you need to make changes with your budgeting.

You’ll also save money over using a third-party billing system, such as Square or PayPal. These third-party systems charge fees per transaction. iCare Software uses ACH to take payments to decrease your payment processing fees.

Customer Interactions

You get the chance to open new communication channels to your clients when you add preschool software to your center. That’s because you can text parents and share photos all within the application.

Photos will help parents see the value you bring to their family through their child’s education. When you share photos, parents can also feel good about their decision in which childcare center to send their child to.

Developmental Tracking

Within the journaling section of your daycare app, you can track a child’s developmental milestones so you can spot when something seems off. Doing this on paper makes it much more difficult to spot trends or lack thereof.

You can be a true partner in raising amazing children when you pay close attention to where a child should be and where they might be struggling. This can help parents seek help if children need it and keep children on track.

Simpler Administration

If you have mounds of paper sitting on your desk to help you decipher which classrooms are full and which ones can accept new students, it’s time to toss out this old way of doing things. Daycare center software helps you see at a glance what capacity you have for bringing on new students.

Now you can see gaps in your classrooms before they become a financial drain on your business, so you can start marketing to fill those gaps.


You may be nervous about adding daycare management software to your center because of the need to keep your files secure. You can choose a daycare software program that is HIPPA-compliant for storing medical information, such as allergies and vaccinations to ensure you’re covered.

A good child care software will have strong timeout functionality and secure login credentials to enter the system. iCare Software is a web-based app that is HIPPA-compliant for medical records and secured by a login for each member of your staff.

Calendar Coordination

If you get tired of printing calendars and sending them home with students only for them to never reach parents, you need better software. Software will make it easy for you to coordinate your calendar with your staff and parents.

In our daycare software system, you can have some events only show to staff while others show to staff and parents. This way you can stay in touch and up to date with all of the happenings for all groups.

iCare Software offers technology solutions that will transform your childcare center. It matters because it enables you to focus on your students and less on administration. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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