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Child Development Guidelines – Running a Successful Daycare

Childcare software journaling can improve child development guidelines

Childcare centers have faced a challenging year with closures or restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. While there is some uncertainty as to the economy and how everything will rebound, one thing is for sure. You want to be at the top of your game and have clear ways to differentiate your business during these uncertain times.

One of the best ways to do that as a childcare center is to implement your state’s child development guidelines. Another way is to implement Maria Montessori’s guidelines for child development.

Not only will your students benefit from you staff ensuring greater awareness for child development guidelines, but you’ll set yourself apart as a leader in your area for outstanding care. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when implementing child development guidelines. 

1. Improve your center’s child development outcomes

At the close of each school year, you should be assessing your students. If you devote the time and effort to implementing your state’s child development guidelines, you’ll find that your outcomes improve.

Children in an environment tailored to the developmental needs are more likely to meet the benchmarks set forth for them at each stage of development. 

2. Score a higher standards rating for your center

The Division of Child Development and Early Education issues star ratings to childcare centers that meet the requirements for star licenses. Those with higher program standards and staff education can receive a higher star rating.

These ratings make it simple for parents to know at a glance the quality of education that their child will receive from your childcare center. It’s a simple way for parents to compare your center to your competitors, so the higher your star rating, the better.

3. Be more engaged with parents

Focusing on child development helps you build relationships with parents as you work together to raise the child. The more collaborative parents and teachers are, the more the child can take education from the classroom home and apply it daily.

Engaging with parents can also help you build customer loyalty as they see the value that you bring to their family. Parents who are happy with the care and education their child receives are less likely to evaluate other options and are more likely to share about their positive experience to their friends.

4. Higher ratings could mean higher reimbursement rates

If your childcare center has any subsidized children, having a higher rating could mean that you receive a higher reimbursement rate for that child. It’s a valuable way to increase your center’s overall income, especially if you have many subsidized children. And even if you don’t currently have any subsidized children, you could in the future.

5. Faster development notes with iCare Software

Tracking development in the classroom might not be a priority for teaching. Preschool classrooms are busy and demand a great deal from teachers. With iCare’s built-in development guidelines, teachers have less to type. They can enter development notes by just point and click. 

See how simple iCare Software is to use by scheduling a demo.

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