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5 Ways to Know Your Childcare Center Is the Right One

The first five years of your childu2019s life will be filled with fun milestones and daily changes and developments. This phase of your childu2019s development is key, and so will the childcare they attend. But choosing from the many facilities can be an overwhelming challenge at first.

As you do your research and evaluate your options, here are five key ways to know youu2019ve found the right childcare for your child.

  1. The teachers are tuned into child development. One key to ensuring the teachers are tuned into child development is a good teacher-to-student ratio. Infants and toddlers should have a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:4 and preschoolers a ratio of 1:6. These ratios ensure your child gets the interaction and attention necessary in their early development years to learn and grow.
  2. Your priorities match those of the childcare center. Before shopping for a childcare , make a list of items that are most important to you. Unique education opportunities? High test scores? Certain hours the daycare operates? Proximity to home? On-staff nurses? Arriving to childcare visits with a list of priorities ensures you ask the right questions and leave feeling confident and comfortable with your decision.
  3. Outstanding recommendations and reviews. Be sure to do your research before visiting a daycare facility. You can learn more from reviews online or from your friends and neighbors. If youu2019ve heard great things about a childcare, itu2019s definitely worth looking into, and knowing other parents who have children there could be beneficial as you coordinate pickups and drop offs.
  4. A well-constructed schedule and curriculum. A childcare with a thoughtful schedule and curriculum shows that your children receive more than just care. From color identification to tumbling, a solid curriculum provides peace of mind that your child is learning, developing and being prepared for kindergarten.
  5. Outstanding safety practices and procedures. Ultimately, a safe, clean environment is what children need to grow and provides you peace of mind day-in and day-out be sure to review safety practices when visiting a potential childcare facility and ask about emergency plans. Youu2019ll want to have clear directives for what to expect should you need to pick up your child early or get in communication with the childcare quickly.

In addition to these key items to look for, ask about their childcare management software. Good software ensures the childcare you entrust your children to can spend more time focusing on children, and less time focusing on administration. The right software also ensures you have insights into the care your child is receiving and ensures that in the case your child is struggling developmentally, indicators are captured and tracked to provide your child the best chance to succeed. You can learn more about the childcare software provided by iCareSoftware to know what questions to ask when visiting a childcare center.

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