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Parent-Teacher Engagement and Student Success

Everyone knows that at any age, a student learns at an increased rate and is more successful in school when their parent or caregiver is fully engaged in their educational experiences.  Parents must be aware of the student’s growth, development, interests, assignments, as well as the teacher’s demands, preferences and interests.  Teachers expect the information they give at school, to in some way, shape or form, make it back to the student’s house later that day. When this happens, the cycle of school work, learning, homework then new learning, can continue.  Once this engagement fails, usually the student’s success rate is not far behind.

These days keeping parents engaged can be a daunting challenge for some schools.  Hanging posters on doors, posting notes on bulletin boards, and stuffing announcements in the backpacks, just doesn’t do the trick.  Life is busy, chaotic, and hectic.  Families are getting larger and the after-school activities seem never ending.  The chances of those announcements making it home, let alone in the hands of the correct person, are slim to none.  Parents are so busy that they walk right by bulletins and look directly past those fancy posters hung on the front door, drop their kids off and head straight to work.

What parents want, need, and deserve, is communication through technology.  They want to be able to quickly glance at their phone and know that they haven’t forgotten anything for their child’s first day of school.  They want to check their email at work and find a thoughtfully written update on what their child has been learning the last past week.  They want to be able to see photos of their child and the fun times they are having at school.  Unfortunately, the old way of communicating with parents just doesn’t hold up to present day demands.

Fortunately, technology has evolved and has enabled countless ways of communicating through smart phones, tablets, the web etc.  Now getting parents to engage with their children’s academics is much easier if you use technology.  Always choose a childcare center that offers instantaneous chat and photos.  This option enables safe, fast and efficient communication that can be monitored and recorded for future reference.  This feature also makes it easy to keep track of who is getting what information and lets teachers and parents both rest easy, knowing any important information is relayed appropriately.

How can iCare help?

At iCare Software, we offer many technological features for early childcare centers.  We believe in engaging parents and feel as though our instantaneous chat and photo features really help that process. There is no better feeling for a parent than knowing their child is in good hands, and with iCare’s advanced features, teachers can show parents just that. Increase learning, increase engagement, and increase trust with iCare’s instantaneous chat and photos.

Contact us to learn how iCare software can help modernize your operations.

Let’s Raise Amazing Children!

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