Building a world class center? Your ideas and dreams need the right tools to make them happen. Meet iCare.

We developed our software application to streamline your business processes and automate the daily tedious tasks. Our Childcare App has been built on the latest technology to benefit Administrators, Teachers and the Parents.

iCare Software is a Childcare Management Application to handle all of your Center's business needs.

Eliminate tedious administrative tasks and automate your Center with iCare's feature rich application.

What you do
What iCare does for you


(Reduce your work, get more handsfree.)
With less work easily manage your family data and classroom capacity fulfillment.
  • Invite parents to self-register or enter/import families yourself.
  • Through alerts and notifications, keeps you informed about changes made by parents.
  • Notifies parents about upcoming immunization shots and records to be updated.
  • Provides accurate reports to simplify your administrative work.

Program Management

(Increase your enrollment, grow your business.)
Manage programs and classes, enrollment capacity, scheduling, and bills with very little work.
  • Set up offered programs, schedules, bills, and enrollment options.
  • Through alerts and notifications, keeps you informed about changes made by parents.
  • Let parents (or administrators) easily enroll children within the rules you have set.
  • Makes you more profitable by cutting losses and better scheduling.


(Stop losing money by billing accurately.)
Have a complicated tuition rate chart that takes hours to calculate and bill?
  • Set up rate chart or billing grid.
  • Posts bills accurately at the scheduled times.
  • Emails invoices to parents with copy to you.
  • Provides billing history and future billing projections.

Direct Deposit

(Cut your losses, eliminate bad-debt.)
Automated recurring payment processing collects money on time, accurately.
  • Parents (or you can) set when and how much money to collect.
  • Processes credit card or ACH payments as set – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly.
  • Emails receipts to parents with copy to you.
  • Informs parents if their card of file is expiring.


(The best App for monitoring children’s development.)
A fast way for teachers to record children’s daily activities and development.
  • Set up activity and development topics you want to track.
  • Alerts parents throughout the day about new journal entries.
  • Emails Daily Report at end of day.
  • Provide smart search for finding trends in child’s behavior and development.

Instant Photos

(Make a parent’s day.)
Simply point, click and share pictures of children at work or play. Or, share their artwork.
  • Point, click and share.
  • Alerts parents throughout the day about new photos.
  • Let’s them choose who – grandparents, friends, and relatives – can see the pictures.
  • Creates an easily downloadable album of children’s childhood memories.


(Build better team spirit, increase customer satisfaction.)
Through emails and text messages improve communication between office, teachers and parents.
  • Turn automated notifications ON or OFF. Send individual or batch messages anytime.
  • Delivers messages.
  • Tells whether emails were opened by the recipient.
  • Get answers to Lobby questions; such as, what the child prefers for lunch today.


(More information for better scheduling.)
Staffing is your biggest cost, especially for the youngest children. Scheduling efficiently is crucial. Let iCare help you by tying it to children’s enrollments.
  • Set up programs with their schedules and enroll children and staff in them.
  • Provides scheduling report to guide you to the best staffing schedule.
  • Provides scheduling calendar to the teachers.
  • Provides attendance trends to review teacher-child ratios.

Classroom Management

(Enhancing teacher-child interaction.)
Empower your teachers by letting them have a tablet for just a few minutes a day.
  • Raise expectations for the teacher role in classroom.
  • Creates parent-teacher engagement for better understanding of children’s needs.
  • Improves monitoring of children’s development.
  • Produces information for the teachers when needed.

Center Management

(More information accessible more easily.)
Management tools you need – dashboard, report center, smart search and advanced filtering, automated alerts and notifications, trends tool, and a center calendar.
  • Take a few minutes to complete a simple 7-step setup.
  • Provides information quickly on all aspects of your center’s operation – billing, payments, attendance, registrations and enrollments.
  • Dashboard
  • Automated alerts and notifications

Check-in Lobby and Security

(Create a secure facility.)
Keep attendance records and increase the safety of your children.
  • Start iCare Lobby on a tablet and connect it to the wireless door switch.
  • Verifies login data and opens door lock for authorized people.
  • Records who came when and who dropped or picked up the children.
  • Delivers messages and gets answers to questions from parents and teachers.


(Never fail an inspection.)
Get organized with iCare and reduce your work of keeping licensing documentation ready.
  • Run Check-in Lobby for attendance and tell system what documents are required.
  • Provides standard and custom tracking fields – e.g., immunization, medical, and demographics.
  • Notifies parents before the records become due.
  • Provides attendance data to validate teacher-child ratios.

A Responsive App

(Available anytime, anywhere.)
A great management tools for all stakeholders – owners, administrators, teacher and parents. Accessible on any browser, anytime on any device – computer, tablet or phone.

Learn how childcare software can be an investment in growing and improving your bottom line.