Simplify Child Care Sign-In and Improve Efficiency

Childcare sign-in is a crucial element of running a childcare center. Without a smooth process, parents will dread dropping off their child, which might make them look for alternative care options for their child.

Make a good impression with effective tools. Sign-in is the first interaction parents have with your childcare each day. Here’s how to simplify the process and build efficiency.

Use a Childcare App

Childcare apps offer many great features for parents and teachers to stay in communication throughout the day. And, an app can remind parents to sign in without waiting in line in the lobby for other parents to finish using the tablet there.

The iCare childcare app uses geolocation services to notify parents to check in once they are on the property at your childcare center. The center can set up custom questions to ask parents during check-in, including the child’s temperature, symptoms, and other vital information, to ensure a safe and enjoyable day.

Using signature and photo validation, the childcare app logs attendance data you can rely on in case of any questions or subsidy information.

Have a Shared Device Available When Needed

In some situations, grandparents and other caregivers drop off a child a few times a week. They might not have the childcare app on their phone since they aren’t the primary caregiver, but they are an approved caregiver for dropping off and picking up the child from your center. 

So while a tablet in the lobby might not be the best solution for parents, it still likely serves a purpose. Offering this service in case parents forget their phone in their car, or transitioning to a new phone and don’t have all their apps installed yet, or another caregiver is dropping off a child is an excellent way to keep the sign-in process moving no matter what.

The iCare Lobby App works on any device from anywhere. So even if you’re having parents drop off at the bus stop or a field trip location, you can still collect the same data and authentication you’re used to from anywhere, anytime.

Ensure Your Apps Communication with Your Door Security

Childcare security is so important. It’s no big surprise that 34 percent of parents are concerned about school safety. 

Daycare door security will ensure that you keep children safe, but it could lead to bottlenecks in the morning if you don’t have a system that communicates with your daycare app. 

Technology allows you to open the door for authorized users once they sign in through their smartphone app. And once they leave, the door is securely closed and locked to protect classrooms.

Make the Process Contactless

The childcare industry learned so much during the coronavirus pandemic. And while the situation was unprecedented, and everyone hopes we never have to deal with a similar situation again, some lessons are transferrable.

During the worst times for cold and flu, limited contact among childcare center visitors has many benefits. Avoiding shared touch screens, pens, and other items can help reduce sharing viruses and germs among staff, children and parents.

With less transmission of illnesses, you’ll have a smoother school year where children are present, healthy, and ready to learn.

Using smartphone apps has reduced the shared surfaces within childcare centers while streamlining the process. Just make sure that your teachers are available to discuss matters in person during drop-off to avoid situations where parents feel like they can only communicate through the app.

That opportunity to ask questions or get clarity around a policy in person during drop-off is crucial to building trust between parents and teachers.

Benefits of Simplified Sign-in Procedures

Simplifying sign-in procedures while still collecting essential data for licensing and documentation purposes has many great benefits. Here’s a look at how parents, students, and administrators benefit.

  1. Teachers can focus on helping children settle in instead of managing the check-in process.
  2. Parents feel more at ease because they won’t have to wait in line to sign in on a master device.
  3. Children can get to learning instead of waiting with their parents to complete check-in.
  4. It increases satisfaction for your customers to improve retention.
  5. Encourages communicating through your childcare app so that parents stay in touch and feel connected to their child’s education.
  6. Ensures the childcare documents all important data and information throughout the sign-in process. 
  7. When connected to door security, it helps protect children by only allowing authorized users inside the classroom.
  8. Provides real-time data so your center can plan for staffing, food, and supplies.

By scheduling a free demo today, you can learn more about the iCare childcare app and check-in process.

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