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What You Need to Know About Daycare Door Security

Dependable Childcare Door Security

Electronic door locks ensure that only authorized individuals enter your childcare center. And they can help validate your attendance records through capturing photos and signatures for drop off and pick up. There are many electronic door locks on the market, but finding the right one can mean the difference in protecting the security of your center, staff and the children you care for.

Before you choose an electronic door lock, here are the main things you should be concerned with. Learn more about each detail to find what’s right for you and what will best serve your needs.

Wireless relay switch for eliminating unnecessary wiring in the lobby

When installing your new lock system, you don’t want to have to rewire your lobby to allow for remote open. Instead, make sure that the lock you choose has a wireless relay switch. This means that with the click of a button or stroke of a key on the computer, your staff can unlock the front door without having those buttons be wired to your front door.

Included attendance app that captures signatures and photos for verification

The best of the best for childcare center door security is to integrate your electronic door lock with your childcare management software. This way, you can collect attendance from the moment that the child walks through the door. This can include a photo and signature from parents to verify their attendance. Using your door’s security lock in this way can enable you to seamlessly manage your attendance and maximize your efficiency. 

Integration with childcare management software

The best door security is one that integrates seamlessly with your childcare management software. The moment you remove a child, their caregivers will no longer have access to your center. And when you add a child, you can automatically provide access to the parents so you’re ready for their first day.

Because it’s all tied together, you’ll get the documentation you need to verify attendance via signatures and photos for the most accurate documentation. iCare Software knows the importance of the security of not just your front door, but your student records. We’ve built a system that protects your data and your center so you can do what you do best, care for children.

Want to see the outstanding electronic door lock that integrates with iCare Software for the optimal security and ease of attendance tracking? Schedule a demo to see our innovative, yet easy-to-use childcare software. 

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