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Sending Your Child to Preschool Could Yield Lifelong Benefits


Children who attend preschool are four times more likely to graduate college. But it may not necessarily be why you think.

Proving that preschool improves test scores once a child reaches first grade is difficult, and many studies have shown it’s not necessarily all about what a child learns in preschool. It’s more about instilling a passion for learning at a young age and providing outstanding care and a safe place to play on a regular basis.

The benefits of preschool aren’t all in the education area, though children who attend preschool do tend to transition to kindergarten well and excel in the classroom. But beyond kindergarten, the benefits of preschool come from more surprising places.

The impact of preschool touches children’s lives in many ways and aspects. Let’s take a look at the benefits outside of test scores.

Care and attention from birth

Children who attend preschool benefit from regular care and attention. This is true even from birth. Young children thrive on consistency and preschool provides children a place they are familiar with and can go each day.

This consistency provides them space to play and explore so they can learn more about their world and be taught how to learn through play and exploration. Parents also benefit from knowing their child is well cared for and receiving good attention by exceling at work and having better consistency with work schedules than they could with in-home childcare.


Additionally, children’s long-term health is improved by preschool attendance. This is because childcare educators are well-versed in the necessary tests and shots a child needs at each stage of life.

By having additional caregivers to oversee their health, children are more likely to receive their immunizations when they should and be tested for illnesses, such as diabetes at an appropriate age. Finally, children who attend preschool also have better hearing and vision health because of the expert care they receive.

Passion for learning

From a young age, children learn a passion for learning when they attend preschool. Jeff Bezos said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. And lighting that fire early is a huge leg-up for any child.” 

Studies show that children who attend preschool have significant improvements in adult math and reading ability. That means the impact of preschool is evident many, many years down the road as children continue to grow and learn as adults.

Impact on parents and home life

Children who are sent to preschool open up time for their parents to pursue a career or further their education. This helps lower-income families thrive and improve their living situation.

The end result is that children who attend preschool are five times less likely to be on public assistance once they become adults. They’re also much less likely to be arrested or face criminal charges.

This all means that the time and effort you spend with children at your childcare is important. To improve your day-to-day work as a childcare administrator, add childcare management software iCare Software.

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