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iCare Software and JiggAerobics Partner to Bring Energetic and Fun Indoor Activities to the Childcare Industry


iCare Software (iCare), a leading provider of childcare management software, announced that it is partnering with JiggAerobics to bring energetic and fun indoor activities to the childcare industry. The partnership gives centers access to physical education and fitness programs designed to excite, inspire, and exercise children.


The iCare Partner Program provides the childcare community with access to a broad range of products and services designed to support their efforts in providing high quality care and education for children. The iCare Partner Program is designed to provide a wide range of benefits for both partners.


“We are very excited about this partnership,” says iCare CEO & Founder Umesh Bhargava. “By working together, we can provide our clients with an even more comprehensive suite of tools to make their lives easier. We know many childcare providers struggle with finding the right program to get their kids moving and actively engaged and we believe JiggAerobics is the right program to accomplish this.”


The partnership furthers iCare’s mission to simplify the lives of childcare professionals by providing up-to-date business solutions that are easy to use and understand.


“Partnering with iCare and their team of experts will undeniably change the operation of child care centers worldwide,” says LaDonte Lotts, Founder & CEO of JiggAerobics.

“We have 5 quality companies delivering 5 quality services to provide your center with quality resources for your staff and students. “Get Ready to Keep Yo Cheese Up & Get Lit While You Get Fit!”


The iCare Software tool is a highly customizable childcare management system that allows centers to effectively manage the operations of their center. With iCare Childcare Software centers automate repetitive tasks, cut losses for increased profit, and improve child development outcomes.

It is also designed to make a busy administrator’s work easier, empower teachers by putting classroom information at their fingertips and provide seamless communication for parents throughout the day. Information powers learning, and we believe iCare helps childcare facilities raise amazing children.


About iCare Software

Our co-founders have more than 20 years of experience serving as providers in the childcare and daycare management business while working toward the creation of a world-class product. Their enthusiasm and ambition in making the relationships between administration, teachers, and parents more seamless is the driving force behind the success of iCare Software.


For more information, visit icaresoftware.com, follow us on Facebook @iCareSoftware or email us at info@icaresoftware.com.


About JiggAerobics

JiggAerobics, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, is a global family fitness network that fuses fun, fitness, and education into life changing experiences that spread social emotional healing worldwide. 


PE With JiggAerobics was created as an exhilarating dance-fitness curriculum for Pre-K to high school students. Our program ingeniously combines energetic southern dance styles with numerous plyometric exercises, easy-to-follow choreography and social emotional discussions for a comprehensive workout that feels like a celebration. PE With JiggAerobics’ mission is to increase student physical activity, reduce obesity and help students manage and understand their emotions.


In addition, PE With JiggAerobics provides teachers with a curriculum and toolkit comprised of engaging workshops, fun dance cardio routines and downloadable games for each student.

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