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Daycare Parent Communication App iCare Ding

We’re excited to introduce iCare Ding, a daycare parent communication app. The app sends push notifications to parents’ phones. This occurs when a teacher tags that parent’s child on a journal entry or photo.

You select when parents get a notification about their child’s activities throughout the day. Send a variety of notification types via a text message that includes a link to the activity in iCare Software’s web-based platform. That way, parents can click the link and view more information about the notification, including photos and journal entries.

The first time that parents use the text notification feature, the childcare software will prompt them to sign into iCare with their login credentials. Subsequent notification links will send parents directly to the new photo or journal entry within iCare since they have already logged in.

When a teacher makes a journal entry or tags a child in a picture, parents receive an instant text notification on their registered mobile numbers with a link to the notified journal/photo entry on the iCare website.

Daycare Parent Communication App Instructions for Teachers

We provide documentation to help teachers get started with this new feature. Learn about journaling or the numerous journal attributes at these helpful links below:

Instructions for Parents

When a teacher makes a journal entry for a child, Ding sends the main contact a text message notification with a link to the iCare website. By following the link, parents will be redirected to the journal page and a pop-up notification with the recent notifications will appear on your screen.

For more information on how Parents use iCare visit our Getting Started Guide.

iCare Support Options

Our commitment to our customers is to continuously improve iCare’s child care software. Our goal is to bring features that make the lives of administrators, teachers and parents easier.

iCare offers many support options for our customers:

 Online FAQs Training Videos
 Email Getting Started Guides
 Phone (978) 266-0224 Submit a Question


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