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How to Run A Successful Daycare And Be The Best In Your Area

How to Become the Most Sought-after Childcare in Your Area


Every childcare center wants to be that prestigious place of education that everyone in the community wants to send their children to. What you may not realize is that the childcare center you look up to probably had humble beginnings as well and adapted to changes in the marketplace accordingly.


Becoming the most sought-after childcare center in your area comes down to choosing the right location, safety and security, staffing, and programming. 


Childcare location


Strategically choosing your childcare center location is helpful in your success. Think about local areas where many people live or work. Try to make entry and exit to your parking lot simple and convenient so that parents don’t mind doing drop off and pick up for their child and it feels less like a chore. 


Safety and security


Sadly, schools are plagued by break-ins and terrible tragedies in today’s day and age. The security of children when they are in your childcare center is crucial to proving to parents that your center is where they should send their child. 


Monitor all entries and exits from your facility at all times and place a keypad or lock on the door that parents must validate themselves with to gain entry. Ensure all staff are trained on what to look for as far as suspicious activity and what to do if they suspect something isn’t right.


Maintain licensing for all teachers and administrators on CPR. It’s an important life-saving skill that gives parents peace of mind.


Hire licensed teachers


Building a team of teachers who actually understand developmental milestones and how to teach children based off those milestones makes a big difference in making your center the most sought-after school in the area. 


Proving that your students are better prepared to enter Kindergarten or pre-K than their peers who don’t attend your center can help make your center even more attractive to parents looking for the best place for their child.


This starts in the infant room. Yes, even the infant room can benefit from teachers who are licensed and know how to teach. Circle time starts young with colors, shapes, animals and fine motor skills. Parents are unlikely to plan ahead to change childcare centers once their child reaches a certain age so they need to know that the center will grow with their child.


Design a curriculum


Curriculum planning is so important to becoming the top childcare center for your area. Parents are seeking a center where their children can learn and grow in addition to receiving great care while they are away at work.


In today’s competitive environment, providing outstanding care is just part of the basics. You also need to feed a child’s mind. Parents love seeing their child learn everything from colors and numbers to Spanish and math.


Ultimately, how you communicate with your customers also makes a big difference. iCare’s Childcare Software helps you track developmental milestones while staying in close contact with parents, so they know what their child is learning and how you’re providing the best care possible for their children. Contact us to learn more about how iCare can help you become the most sought-after childcare center in your area.

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