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Creating a welcoming environment at your childcare facility

As a childcare facility, it’s not every day that you get to roll out the red carpet and showcase what makes your business unique in how it cares for children…or is it? Every morning, parents drop off their children for the day and constantly make the choice to come back the next day. Shouldn’t this be the moment you treat it just like an open house or prospective client tour?

Keeping parents satisfied with their choice in childcare is an essential role teachers and administrators play every day your facility is open. Use these tips to create a welcoming environment that keeps families coming back.

  1. Cleanliness and order.

Parents want peace of mind that they’re leaving their children in a good environment. Although you’re busy welcoming families and getting children settled in, keep a close eye on the cleanliness of your facility. It may be difficult to keep everything in perfect order as children begin to play and interact but do your best to provide a welcoming environment.

  1. Safe room to play.

Ensure that at all times, the children’s play area is clear of hazards. Create standards for where teachers keep their personal belongings to ensure new hazards are not incorporated into the play area. Monitor what children bring into the facility, and keep track of children’s allergies to provide a safe environment all day long.

  1. Activities that promote learning and exploring.

A classroom with maps, books, toys and learning tools shows a parent that they’re paying for more than just childcare, but an education and enrichment. Share a schedule of activities with parents so they can see what their child is learning and invite them in for parent-child activities on a regular basis to showcase the value you provide.

  1. Teachers that engage with the children the moment they enter your care.

Parents that know their children’s teachers can have greater peace of mind. Each day during drop off teachers should engage with both parents and students to create a welcoming environment that lets parents know their children are well cared for.

  1. Incorporate an open house policy, if possible.

Allow parents to join their children for lunch from time to time if they work close by. Or allow for drop ins if parents are in the neighborhood throughout the day and just want to say hi to their little one. This provides flexibility and openness for parents.

  1. Speedy, responsive communication.

To create an ongoing welcoming environment, parents should feel engaged in their children’s care and learning. This means being responsive in-person at drop off and responsive to messages throughout the day. An easy way to manage ongoing communication is with childcare management software, like iCare Childcare Software. iCare provides messaging, journaling and photo sharing to keep parents connected to their child’s care.

Your daily efforts will not go unnoticed with eager parents looking for the best for their children. Remember that every interaction should be like a first-time tour of your facility and is a marketing opportunity to continuously showcase the work you do and the value you bring to the family.

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