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6 Areas of Your School a Childcare App Transforms

Little girl at a child care center with paint on her face.

Adding childcare management software or making a change to your software is not an easy or small decision. That’s why the team at iCare Software puts so much thought and care into the product that we provide to childcares, preschools, Montessori centers and other centers offering care.

We firmly believe that iCare will impact your business in 6 significant ways. Here’s a look at the most impactful problems and challenges we solve.

1. Administration and center management

The paperwork, documentation and manual tasks abound as a childcare administrator. Without childcare management software, you can feel like you’re drowning and missing out from doing what you love – caring for children. iCare Software can handle your largest administration challenges, including:

  • Automations for registration, medical records and other licensing requirements.
  • Sending alerts to the right people at the right time to provide outstanding care while still running a successful business.
  • Tools to keep you organized and informed, including reporting dashboards, smart search, filtering and a center calendar.

2. Secure lobby

Checking in children is important and that process needs careful validation. iCare Software allows you to enable check in from your lobby, bus, classroom or even the curb. Plus, we use signature or photo authentication to keep children extra safe.

We can even collect responses to custom questions, such as lunch choice of the day to make use of your time and effort. Plus, our automatic door functionality can open your center doors once parents and children are authenticated.

3. Program management

Program management is both the most important task you complete and the most time-consuming task. Ensuring that your classes stay full means you get the most ROI out of your center. Plus, getting staffing right each day to keep your student-teacher ratios just right is essential to success. iCare’s Childcare Software aids in the program management process in the following areas.

  • Manage enrollment capacity even with special enrollment, such as part time or flex time and keep a waiting list to ensure you stay at capacity.
  • Match your staffing levels to your enrollment and keep track of training and certificates for your staff.

4. Accounting

You might be keeping enrollment high but wondering why you’re still not seeing great profits from your center. Without a strong accounting tool, it can be difficult to see and understand money in and money out. Plus, billing parents is a never-ending task that can consume all your time in invoicing, collecting payments and following up on late or missed payments.

Automating processes within accounting and accurately billing parents can be the key to significant improvements to your finances and decreases in the time required to manage your accounting. 

  • iCare’s Rate Chart Modeler is a sophisticated and automated way to accurately bill your customers.
  • Direct deposit saves you money on processing fees and automates your payment collection.

5. Classroom

Teachers choose their profession because they enjoy teaching, not because they enjoy documenting classroom engagement. Make the process simple with journaling and photo sharing in iCare Software.

Journaling opens the door to tracking a child’s daily activities and ensuring that development milestones are on track. Through journaling documentation, you can substantially improve children’s developmental outcomes. 

Photo sharing is simple with iCare. Point, click and share photos with parents. You can increase your retention rates, improve parent engagement and collaborate on care like never before.

6. Communication

Parents appreciate staying in the loop with teachers throughout the day. And teachers enjoy the ease of being able to ask a quick question and get speedy responses from parents when they need it.

Messaging in iCare is possible through emails, text messages, alerts and notifications. Plus, the secure lobby opens up another line of communication for parents to ask questions at check-in to further improve communication among parents, teachers and the office.

Ready to see how iCare Software impacts your business? Schedule a demo and we’ll walk you through our features and benefits.

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