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10 Benefits of Digital Childcare Record Keeping

Childcare administrators and classroom teachers have enough going that they don’t need to spend their day filing documents and searching for paperwork. Childcare administration software can make record keeping so much simpler.


From a parent’s feeding instructions in the infant room to developmental milestones in the “terrific threes” room, digital records will make things so simple. Not only will it make life simpler, but you’ll also experience 10 key benefits to digitizing your childcare record keeping.


1. Easily connect and share with parents.


The education records of a child are not only beneficial to childcare administrators but to parents as well. By knowing what a child is doing while at childcare, parents can have a better understanding of how the child is doing and what to expect from the child. If a baby was fussy at childcare, he or she is likely to still be fussy with its parents. If a preschooler is struggling with color recognition, a parent can reinforce those learning needs at home.


2. Become more agile.


If you manage a fluctuating student body, you might have teachers who move from room to room as needed. Your goal is to ensure that your student-to-teacher ratio is met, but with paper records that can be more difficult.


3. Ensure security of records.


A filing cabinet simply isn’t the best security you can provide for your student records. Anyone who can find the key for that cabinet can access the private information of your families. Digital records make a log of every time someone accesses a student record so you know who is looking.


4. Access records from anywhere.


If you’re giving a tour throughout your facility and need to check availability or a timeline for one of your classrooms, you can pull it up while you’re on the go. If you get an after-hours question from a parent, you can easily access the necessary records from home if you need to. Digital records add a level of convenience for you to be able to interact with your customers and staff in a very agile way.


5. Save time and improve productivity.


Paper records mean using time from your day to file them, organize them, write down the notes and ensure they are compliant with your center’s rules and guidelines. Digital templates make it simple for you and your teachers to take a quick note to ensure you are logging the right information about a student.


Your teachers will enjoy being able to go from teaching to logging information easily so that they never miss a beat. No more fumbling for or digging out a certain student’s record. Simply tap on their name and log the necessary data.


6. Free up filing cabinet space.


In a childcare center, space comes at a premium. You want to best use your space for learning materials and creative corners. Ditch those filing cabinets and move your student records to secured digital space.


7. Reduce printing costs.


Printing off records for parents or making copies of those records can become pricey over time. The cost of printing includes ink cartridges, paper and printer maintenance. You also have to sacrifice your headspace and time to keep up with all that. When you digitize your records, you simplify your operations and your office workflow.


8. Be more environmentally friendly.


A childcare center using paper records can go through mounds of paper each year. As society looks to decrease the impact we have on the environment, becoming more conscientious of the amount of printing we do becomes more important. You can both reduce your printing costs and be more environmentally friendly all at once.


9. Improve your competitive edge.


What makes your center different from your competitors?
Hopefully, your top differentiator is the care and education you provide students. However, another way to differentiate yourself is through the security of your record keeping and ability to share your digital records with parents.


10. Manage your classroom with ease.


It can be difficult to know what classrooms are at capacity when using paper records. Knowing how to gauge when a child will move from one room to another can help you see where you have the capacity to grow your center. This means you can more easily keep your center at full capacity and maximize
your finances and resources.


iCare’s Childcare Software is a HIPAA compliant and secure platform where you can house your student records. Not only will you enjoy the freedom to log and access records from anywhere via our web-based portal, but parents can receive information about their children regularly. You can improve your customer retention rates, increase teacher satisfaction and raise amazing children using the iCare platform.


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