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iCare Childcare Management Software

Ready to bid farewell to endless paperwork, long registration lines, and the hiring challenges that accompany childcare program management? iCare Software is here to transform your childcare management experience and make your life easier!


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iCare goes beyond the ordinary, transforming the way you run your program. Where most platforms handle the basics, iCare elevates your experience in several game-changing ways:

Maximize Revenue Collection

Say goodbye to missed payments. iCare goes the extra mile to collect all billable money promptly, ensuring your revenue stream is optimized, contributing to the financial health of your program.

Accelerate Payment Processing

Speed matters. iCare is designed to cut losses by accelerating payment collections. With streamlined processes, you'll experience faster payments, reducing outstanding balances and improving cash flow.

Authentic Attendance Records

Eliminate the risk of fraudulent attendance records. iCare provides the most authentic attendance tracking, ensuring that your records reflect the real-time presence of each child..

Precision in Staff Scheduling

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in staff scheduling. iCare consider factors like staff availability and program needs, delivering the most efficient schedules that ensure optimal staff coverage.

Automated Records Collection

Time-consuming paperwork is a thing of the past. iCare automates records collection, saving you valuable hours and reducing the chance of errors. Enjoy a seamless workflow that maximizes efficiency.

Reduced Office Work Hours by 50% or More

Witness a transformation in your office's efficiency. iCare streamlines processes to such an extent that it can cut office work hours by at least 50%.

Tailor iCare to Fit Your Center’s Unique Needs

iCare Software offers tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of your program, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the wellbeing of the children in your care.

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