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Tips For Getting Your Childcare Center Ready for Tax Season

The hustle and bustle of tax season can be particularly stressful —especially for child care providers. If you haven’t already […]

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Billing & Accounting Features of Child Care Management Software

Childcare management software (CCMS) makes operating a center simpler and far more efficient. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is […]

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How to Set Your Childcare Billing Rates and Charge Customers with Confidence

You’re in the business of caring for children because it’s your passion. And for many childcare owners, that means you’d […]

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Cash Flow Tips for Childcare Centers

Read up on these cash flow management tips for childcare centers, which can help improve finances.

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Child Care Accounting Steps to Prepare for Tax Season

Tax season is upon us. Here’s what child care accounting you should be doing to prepare for this year and how to position yourself for next year’s taxes.

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