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Childcare Center/ Daycare Tools for Easy Registration, Organization, and Hiring 

Running a business requires an understanding of operations, hiring, marketing, accounting, etc. You need to have a system in place for completing these important activities and doing so without errors that could lead to problems with attendance tracking or paying your staff.

Childcare software is the easiest one-stop option for making registration, organization, and hiring simple and smooth. Learn about the features iCare offers to simplify your childcare business. 

Easy Registration Tools

The enrollment process will be a deciding factor in how the customer views your childcare operation. A smooth process will make them anticipate effective daily communication with their child’s teachers. But a poor registration process could lead to a poor perception of their interactions with your business, which could mean they start shopping around or keeping an open mind to moving their child to a different center.

Some of the ways iCare makes enrollment simple include:

  • Enroll children in multiple programs at once
  • Online registration form so parents can enroll children directly, and admins can just make minor changes to the information
  • View schedules in weekly and monthly formats to plan for staffing and know when to expect students
  • View sessions for the year, semester, or month to plan for how graduations and shifts from one program to another will impact enrollment
  • Capacity control options to manage capacity in 30-minute intervals
  • Options to set your billing cycles based on weekly, biweekly, monthly, or semi-monthly schedules
  • Flexible billing options based on schedule and attendance

Organization within Childcare Software

Need to make a menu for meals and snacks for the week ahead and want to ensure you meet the qualifications for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)? You can manage that within iCare.

Want to update your school calendar in an easy-to-access location for parents? Manage it within iCare so parents can view details about upcoming events while checking in on the notes you entered for their child today.

iCare makes organization simple and can put you on the same page with your teachers and parents. No one will miss an important detail when it’s all kept in one convenient place with alerts through the childcare app on parents’ phones.

Reporting helps reduce repetitive tasks and see important details that help you run your center. Some highlights of iCare reports include:

  • Smart search filtering
  • Hover over reports for options to add or remove details
  • Complete batch actions directly from reports, such as program enrollment
  • Filter based on multiple criteria
  • Add or remove columns within the reports
  • Includes a pivot table for viewing trends and analytics
  • Build custom reports or use one of the many pre-programmed reports many directors find helpful

Childcare Hiring Tools

One of the most challenging aspects of running a childcare center is staffing. It is often the largest expenditure for a childcare center and the most important expenditure. When done well, staffing ensures you have adequate coverage in every classroom with the flexibility to ensure staff gets the breaks and flexibility they need.

Within the challenge of staffing comes knowing the right time to hire additional staff. If you offer flexible attendance, staffing can be even more challenging if you don’t have the right tools to power that flexibility. 

iCare offers childcare staffing resources to provide powerful insights into student-teacher ratios so you can hire accordingly. Here are some of the greatest benefits you’ll find with iCare’s hiring and staffing resources.

  • Real-time capacity insights based on staff and teachers assigned to each classroom
  • Weekly visualizations on one page for longer-term planning
  • Optimize staff counts based on projected attendance
  • Easy drag and drop interface to visualize staffing based on schedules and timelines

Want to attract top talent? Include information in your job description that tells potential teachers about your childcare management software. Having the best technology can aid immensely in attracting and retaining the best teachers and office staff. People enjoy their jobs, even more, when they have the tools to complete daily tasks and interact with parents.

Ready to see this for yourself? Schedule a demo of iCare Software for a one-on-one conversation with one of our experts, who will show you how these important features work and how you can customize them to meet your needs.

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