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Getting the Most Out of Labor Day Weekend With Your Children

Parents face a surprising reality each summer: you only get 18 summer vacations with your children before they become adults, and each year brings you one step closer to that milestone.

Be sure to soak it all in by making the most of Labor Day weekend as you wrap up summer and spend some added time with your little ones doing family activities.

Here are some tips to help you get the most of your Labor Day weekend celebrations with your children:

  1. Set aside some time just for them. Whether it be that final afternoon at the pool before it closes or time in the backyard with the sprinkler, ask your children how they want to celebrate and get out and play with them. Ignore the cleaning and housework for the long weekend and just kick back and relax with your children.
  2. Do something special. Labor Day weekend isn’t just another weekend of summer; it’s a holiday. Do something special to celebrate, like going into town to an ice cream shop you have always wanted to try or having your childhood friend from out of town come over.
  3. Take part in local celebrations and festivities. Find a local calendar for your area and see what is happening to celebrate the holiday. Some communities host outdoor concerts, food truck festivals, etc. to celebrate the unofficial end of summer.
  4. Go camping. Camping isn’t for everyone, but it can be a highly effective way to unplug in today’s society. Make the long weekend an adventure for you and your children and spend time making memories in the wilderness.
  5. Host a block party. There’s no better way to enjoy being outside than spending it with a backyard full of neighbors and their children. Host a potluck where everyone brings a dish and let the kids play together as you sit back and enjoy time with the other adults. It’s a great way to kick back and relax this holiday weekend, while also basking in the final days of summer.

How childcare centers can support parent engagement this Labor Day weekend

To engage with and support the parents of your childcare center, use this weekend to share activity ideas with parents via an email newsletter or message through iCare Ding.

Find a local calendar of family friendly events in your community and share it out via your email newsletter this week. This will help parents plan out some special time with their children. You’ll get to showcase the value you bring to the family as a whole and not just to their childcare needs.

If the weather isn’t looking promising in your area, provide inside activity ideas for the family to bond and enjoy time together. Provide simple craft ideas that will keep the little ones occupied and enjoying creativity while building a relationship with their parents.

Looking for great activity ideas? Follow the iCare Facebook and Twitter pages to see regular updates on classroom and parent activities.

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