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Celebrating Memorial Day with Fun Crafts and Games

As Memorial Day approaches, it’s time to honor and remember the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. This significant national holiday provides an excellent opportunity for childcare centers to engage children in meaningful activities that teach them about the importance of Memorial Day, patriotism, and gratitude.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some exciting and educational craft ideas and games that you can incorporate into your Memorial Day celebrations at the childcare center. These activities are not only entertaining but also serve as valuable teaching tools, enabling children to grasp the essence of Memorial Day in a way that is both engaging and age-appropriate.


Red, White, and Blue Wreath

Create a wreath using the colors of the American flag, red, white, and blue. You can use paper, ribbons, or fabrics in these colors to make the wreath. Let the children cut out stars, circles, or triangles from the materials and help them glue them onto the wreath. This activity will help them learn about the significance of the colors and symbols of the American flag while developing their creativity and fine motor skills.


Patriotic Pinwheel

Teach the children how to make a pinwheel using paper, straws, and scissors. Use red, white, and blue construction paper to make the pinwheel and let the children decorate it with stickers or markers. Once they have finished decorating, attach the pinwheel to a straw and let them blow on it to see it spin. This activity will not only help the children develop their fine motor skills but also help them understand the concept of wind energy.


American Flag Craft

Teach the children how to make an American flag using construction paper, glue, and scissors. Cut out rectangles of blue paper and white paper and have the children glue them together to make the flag’s background. Then cut out strips of red paper and let the children glue them onto the flag. Finally, cut out white stars and have them paste them onto the blue background. This activity will help the children understand the meaning of the American flag and its significance in American history.


Red, White, and Blue Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt for the children, where they need to find items that are red, white, and blue. The items can be anything from pencils to crayons to toys. You can even have the children create their own scavenger hunt by drawing pictures of items that are red, white, and blue, and then hiding them around the room for their classmates to find. This activity will not only help the children develop their observation skills but also encourage teamwork and cooperation.


Patriotic Bingo

Create a patriotic-themed bingo game using pictures or words related to Memorial Day. You can include pictures of American flags, soldiers, and memorials, or words like freedom, honor, and sacrifice. You can use a bingo card generator to create the cards or make them yourself using construction paper and markers. This activity will help the children develop their listening and observation skills while having fun.


Memorial Day is an important day in American history, and it is essential to teach children about its significance. By engaging them in fun crafts and games, you can help them understand the importance of this day while developing their creativity, fine motor skills, and observation skills. Use these ideas to plan a memorable Red, White, and Blue Day celebration that your students will love.

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